Why Physics?

PhysTEC at Cornell

The choices we make while in college set the trajectory for our life’s journey. What we will do and the type of person we will become are impacted by the decisions that we make as undergraduates.

Training in physics is empowering and opens the door to career opportunities in areas including science, technology, engineering, medicine, finance, journalism and public policy - more opportunities, in fact, than training in just about any other discipline. An undergraduate physics degree is also great preparation for graduate or professional studies in almost any field. Cornell's Physics Department offers a wide range of courses and programs to match your interests.

Physics teachers - especially at the high school level - are critical in helping young people to learn and explore physics, and to gain the skills and confidence required to pursue further study and physics-related careers.

The United States has a severe shortage of qualified high school physics teachers. This shortage is limiting the opportunities of our youth, and handicapping our economy in an increasingly technological age.

Cornell's PhysTEC program is designed to help undergraduate and graduate students explore the challenges and rewards of physics and of physics teaching, and how these may fit into their future education and career plans. Cornell's Teacher Education Program offers courses of study leading to teacher certification in physics and many other subjects.

We hope that you'll explore this website and learn more about physics at Cornell and the possibilities that studies in physics and physics education can create.