PhysTEC Programs

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program


  • Help your peers learn Physics.
  • Improve your own understanding.
  • Develop teaching skills.
  • Become an undergraduate leader!


The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) Program provides an excellent opportunity for students interested in physics teaching careers to explore the intellectual and practical challenges of teaching and learning physics.

UTAs work with graduate teaching assistants (TAs) in facilitating cooperative learning sessions, where students solve problems in teams, and laboratories in introductory Physics courses.  UTAs are an integral part of the course instructional team and attend weekly course meetings with faculty and TAs.  UTAs also participate in a weekly one-credit seminar course, Physics 4484, "Teaching and Learning Physics", which covers key concepts in physics education theory and practice.  

UTAs help their fellow students to learn physics. In the process, UTAs become better teachers, better learners, and better communicators, and improve their understanding of physics.


Learn more about the UTA program including how to apply.

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