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Master UTAs are the students leaders in our program. They have completed at least one semester as a UTA, taken the Teaching and Learning Physics Seminar, and are taking Education courses and actively exploring physics education. In addition to coop and/or lab session teaching, they also mentor new UTAs. Master UTAs have shown great initiative. For example, they established and ran physics problem solving sessions in North Campus dorms for freshman.


Master UTAs in Fall 2014:

Ethan ArnaultEthan Arnault

Prabudya BhattacharyyaPrabudya Bhattacharyya


Karthy ChandraKarthy Chandra


Yanqiao ChenYanqiao Chen

Jared ClaypooleJared Claypoole

Luke DillardLuke Dillard


Sal ElderSal Elder  George EpsteinGeorge Epstein  Tabatha FelterTabatha Felter 
Ronald ForsterRonald Forster  Victoria HuVictoria Hu  Ben HwangBen Hwang 
Azraa JanmohamedAzraa Janmohamed  Ethan JuliusEthan Julius  Marino LeoneMarino Leone 
Zhi-He LowZhi-He Low  Anthony MazulliAnthony Mazulli  George SchnaarsGeorge Schnaars 
Airlia Shaffer-MoagAirlia Shaffer-Moag   Sanjula WickramasingheSanjula Wickramasinghe Kwang WooKwang Woo 
 Joseph WragaJoseph Wraga



Master UTAs in Spring 2014:

jovana andrejevicjovana andrejevic Nina AndrejevicNina Andrejevic Ethan ArnaultEthan Arnault
Mallka BariyaMallka Bariya  Michael CaoMichael Cao  
 Karthy ChandraKarthy Chandra  Amy ChenAmy Chen  Yanqiao ChenYanqiao Chen
 Jared ClaypooleJared Claypoole  Luke DillardLuke Dillard  Victoria HuVictoria Hu
 Ben HwangBen Hwang  Ethan JuliusEthan Julius  Donny LiangDonny Liang
 Nolan MachadoNolan Machado  Kellen McCormickKellen McCormick  Allegra MorranAllegra Morran
 Niveditta RamkumarNiveditta Ramkumar  Airlia ShafferAirlia Shaffer  
 Sanjula WickramasingheSanjula Wickramasinghe    

Master UTAs in Fall 2013:

Chris AdamsChris Adams Jovana AndrejevicJovana Andrejevic Nina AndrejevicNina Andrejevic
Michael CaoMichael Cao Karthy ChandraKarthy Chandra Amy ChenAmy Chen
Yanqiao ChenYanqiao Chen Phillip ColePhillip Cole Luke DillardLuke Dillard
George EpsteinGeorge Epstein Jonah HaberJonah Haber Dan LosowyjDan Losowyj
Nolan MachadoNolan Machado Anthony MazzulliAnthony Mazzulli Kellen McCormickKellen McCormick
Niveditta RamkumarNiveditta Ramkumar Adam StewartAdam Stewart  


Master UTAs in Spring 2013:


Gabe AbrahmsGabe Abrahms
Chris AdamsChris Adams

Michael CaoMichael Cao

John ChaeJohn Chae
Phillip ColePhillip Cole Jonah HaberJonah Haber
Peter JacksonPeter Jackson
Sujoy KhasnavisSujoy Khasnavis
Matthew KohMatthew Koh
Tiffany LyTiffany Ly Nolan MachadoNolan Machado Nivi RamkumarNivi Ramkumar
David SroczynskiDavid Sroczynski Adam StewartAdam Stewart Raghav SubramaniamRaghav Subramaniam
Vivian YangVivian Yang James ZhouJames Zhou  

Master UTAs in Fall 2012:


Chris AdamsChris Adams Peter BaggaleyPeter Baggaley Michael CaoMichael Cao
Phillip ColePhillip Cole Jonah HaberJonah Haber Vivian LuVivian Lu
Christina NorbergChristina Norberg

David SroczynskiDavid Sroczynski James ZhouJames Zhou

Master UTAs in Spring 2012:


Chris AdamsChris Adams Michael CaoMichael Cao Audrey CerlesAudrey Cerles
Ben NachmanBen Nachman Christina NorbergChristina Norberg David SroczynskiDavid Sroczynski
Chor Seng TanChor Seng Tan Lauren WaldenLauren Walden Robin YingRobin Ying
James ZhouJames Zhou


Master UTAs in Fall 2011:

Ben Nachman

Christina Norberg

Dennis Zhou


Master UTAs in Spring 2011:

Andrew Flye

Ben Nachman

Christina Norberg


Master UTAs in Fall 2010:

Ben NachmanBen Nachman

Name: Ben Nachman

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Major: Physics

Graduation Year: 2012

Working as an undergraduate teaching assistant has reinforced my belief that the best way to learn is to teach and the most rewarding way to understand a subject is to help others through the process of understanding.   In a teacher's role, you get the exciting opportunity to think quickly on your feet and to try to convey ideas in various ways to appeal to various backgrounds and learning styles. 

Myron ZhangMyron Zhang

Name: Myron Zhang

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Major: Physics, Math

Graduation year: 2012

My experience in the UTA program has given me a deeper appreciation for teaching. In taking on a teaching role, I have realized how much effort and consideration really goes into being a good teacher. I have also become more aware of the impact that a good teacher or professor can have on a student. Through practice via the UTA program, I am learning more and more about how to become a better teacher myself.

Master UTAs in Spring 2010:

Adam DishawAdam Dishaw

Name: Adam Dishaw
Hometown: Shrub Oak, NY
Major: Physics and Math
Graduation Year: 2012

I think one of the most valuable aspects of the UTA program was being partnered with a graduate student in the discussion sections. It made me realize how important it can be to have multiple ways of explaining a concept or demonstrating it to students. Although it seems obvious different people will learn in different ways, it was a very interesting experience to actually work with someone else who may have an entirely different way of envisioning a concept. Having two different TAs at different points in their physics educations allowed us to help students by giving different explanations and helped me by giving me new ways of thinking about physics and useful demonstrations and ways of explaining important ideas.

Andrew FlyeAndrew Flye

Name: Andrew Flye
Hometown: Newark, NY
Major: Physics
Graduation Year: 2011

My participation in the UTA program has given me a lot of insight into what goes into being a good teacher. I've had a chance to see how I think about things, and how that differs from other people, and how I can bridge those gaps. It has shown me that there is more to teaching than just knowing the material, but also knowing the student.

Ben NachmanBen Nachman

Name: Ben Nachman
Home Town: Omaha, NE
Major: Physics
Graduation Year: 2012

My involvement with the UTA program for the fall '09 semester has been very rewarding. I have had the great opportunity to develop my teaching and critical learning skills in the Teaching and Learning Seminar in addition to developing my team-teaching skills through Faculty/TA team meetings and working directly with graduate students.  Also, I have developed a better understanding of my knowledge of the physics concepts that I helped teach.  Most importantly, I had firsthand experience in the classroom helping students develop their physics knowledge.

Tia PlautzTia Plautz

Tia Plautz
Hometown: Ocean View, DE
Major: Physics
Graduation Year: 2011

From my participation in the PhysTEC UTA program I have gained the ability to look for and find creative solutions to problems, both in physics and in communication.

Jesse RuJesse Ru

Name: Jesse Ru
Hometown: Media, PA
Major: Chemical Education (Minor: Education)
Graduation Year: 2012

I have gained much from the UTA program.  Most memorably is the various techniques to teaching any subject, not just physics.  The use of open questions, argumentation, etc has enhanced my teaching ability greatly.  I loved every part of the teaching seminars and the discussion sections.  My most memorable experience is the time when my Graduate TA allowed me to teach for the whole day.  It was definitely fun and a great learning experience.

Noah SingerNoah Singer

Name: Noah Singer
Hometown: Blue Bell, PA
Major: Earth System Science
Graduation: 2012

Through the UTA program I haved learned a lot about helping others learn physics. It is very interesting to look at a classroom from a different perspective and become the teacher. I have not only learned specific techniques to communicate with students in a classroom but also learned ways to convey ideas in many different situations.

Myron ZhangMyron Zhang

Name: Myron Zhang
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: Physics and Math
Graduation Year: 2012

The UTA program has given me an introduction to the world of teaching and has made me more aware of the process of learning.