Why Teach?

Why Teach?

Choosing a Career

When you were deciding where to go to college, you probably considered cost, the size of the school, its location, its reputation, and many other factors.

Career choice is harder, because careers generally last for a much longer time, and so must be compatible with both short and longer term personal and professional goals.  You have to decide what is important to you now, and to forecast how that might change as your career progresses. 

Physics Teaching Careers

When most students think about careers, they tend to first focus on salary.  When most Americans think about teaching careers, they think “low salary”, largely because of a media image that has been reinforced by professional teachers associations.  In fact, high school physics teachers in the Northeast and in many other parts of the country have total compensation packages that provide a very comfortable

The Crisis in Physics Education

The US economy is in a time of major transition, as we move from an agriculture and manufacturing based economy to one more firmly based on knowledge and continuous innovation.  The jobs of the future will require greater ability to invent, improve and adapt, and to see beyond present problems to future opportunities.  This requires a scientifically educated and trained populace.

Preparing to Teach

Cornell’s Physics and Education Departments offer a series of opportunities for students interested in exploring physics teaching careers and earning teaching certification. 

For Undergraduate Students:

Why Teach Physics?

Students who are good at math and science are regularly encouraged to pursue careers in science and engineering.  But what about careers in science education, particularly physics education?